Metal area queries

Hi all. Despite having been a member for many years now this is my first post on the forum. I came back to the space the other day after a long covid hiatus and noted quite a few changes. The addition of an extra lathe and a milling machine is fantastic.

First I am already inducted on the myford. Will that induction count for the new lathe?

Secondly, is someone available over the next couple of weeks to give me an induction on the mill.

Thirdly, when I did visit, I couldn’t get the lights to come on and it looked like all of the sockets were not yet wired in. I assume this is due to the installation of the wall (another excellent job btw). Is this still the case?

I don’t know if creating a new topic for this post is the right thing so apologies if not and thanks in advance for any help.


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Training on the mayford cover you for the green Waco given it’s a lot simpler then the mayford if you have any enquiries and how it works specifically please ask one of the metal team or myself .

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Hi Paddy,

apologies – I missed this post. I should add your name to the list of trained lathe users. Who inducted you roughly and when? For mill inductions, you should speak to Stephen. Do you use Telegram? That’s probably the best way to get hold of someone.

The lights for the metal room are on the lighting panel at the entrance to the whole space. The sockets should all work as far as I know. If any don’t , please let me know. Cheers.

Hi All,

I’m looking to get my induction on both the lathes and milling machine underway asap, is there anyone specific who could do both?

I only really have availability at weekends, and would really appreciate it if someone could be available to assist?

I can supply my own tooling if necessary, I have a few bits to make that would probably need specific tooling anyway.

Kind regards,


Hi Jim. In theory there are one or two people who could do both, but both inductions are quite involved and I’m not sure one person would want to do both in one sitting. You could always ask on the Telegram metalworking group if someone is prepared to do that.

I am happy to induct you on the lathe one weekday evening. It’s a roughly-90-minute session with about 90 mins of reading/watching video beforehand.

So happy to take it from here or you could ask on Telegram if there’s anyone who can do both for you.

We supply the tooling and stock for the training session, and we have a good amount of tooling with each lathe. You might find you need something specific for your project, in which case you can buy it and keep it for your own use, leave it on loan with the machines, or donate it outright – completely up to you.