Metalwork Induction

Can anybody tell me how I go about getting a metalwork induction. Thanks.

Hi Robert,

What in the metal room is it you’d like to be inducted on. We don’t have a general metalwork induction as things stand currently.



Cheersd Joseph. I’m interested in the lathe, and the mill.

You can message me about the lathe, Rob. We’ll sort out a time.

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Thanks Mike. Literally any time or any day is ok for me. Just let me know when is ok for yourself. Cheers.

Are you able to do mill inductions Joseph?

I’m not a metalworking guy unfortunately Robert. @garlicbread might be able to help/advise who might be able to help.



Hi Joseph. I contacted Garlic Bread, but have not received a reply. Do you know of anyone else who may be able to help me. Cheers.