Metalwork meeting - SUNDAY 5 SEPTEMBER, 8 PM

Metalwork Team Meeting

Proposed time: Sunday 5 September, 8 PM

Meeting specifically for member discussion on things to do with metalwork & welding. The meeting will be both in person and online via Jitsi link: TBC

Agenda below can be edited by anyone prior to the meeting. Please add your name so attendees know who raised what


  • Updates

    • Inductions & Training
    • Progress on welding infra
    • Consumables – anything we need?
    • Signage for the space – “Welcome to metalworking” above the door, contact details for team, safety posters, etc?
  • Questions to the board

  • Any other business

Just a Q - if people want to get going on single phase welding (which might be good for practicing and getting inductions done) could we construct a temporary outside area?

Perhaps in the corner outside the snackspace fire doors, we could cobble together a cheap welding curtain (like medical curtains on wheels but not flammable) to protect any passers by. If we wanted a shelter it wouldn’t be hard to make a plastic shelter in that area to extend the time when welding can happen.

Just be nice to see people welding and get more interested people joining up.

That’s a great suggestion (and have my 2p to add). Will add it to the agenda.

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Sorry for the delay - been out all day. Jitsi link:

Also to discuss: potential of seeking alternative suppliers to fit the welding infra as Adam is generally not available at the minute.

Thanks for attending, everyone. Notes will be out on Wednesday.

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Minutes from Sunday’s meeting:

  • Attendees:

    • Mike H
    • Mark D
    • Jason
    • Richard
    • Adam
  • Updates

  1. Inductions & Training

    • Trainers shold make sure people are paid up members before providing inductions.
    • There is a Google doc to show what equipment has been donated/loaned by members. This doc ensures that we have something to refer to if the equipment gets lost/damaged.
  2. Progress on welding infra

    • We have £300 to spend on this from the COVID money
    • That was a quoted price from Adam that covered materials only not labour (as he was going to do this for free)
    • Materials = ventilation equipment + electrical parts
    • The board does not want responsibility or wleding extraction from an H+S perspective, so an external contractor is preferred
    • Adam has little availability, so can we look at alternative contractors?
    • Mike to contact people to look for quotes on this
    • Notes:
      • Adam was going to tie in welding system to laser extraction
      • Mention to person examining welding area. Can we make doors open into metal, then put welding curtain in right behind?
  3. Consumables – anything we need?

    • Blue box of drill bits – Mark D to bring in
  4. Signage for the space

    • “Welcome to metalworking” above the door, made of metal (Mike to make, perhaps others could help)
    • Some basic info about who to contact, etc (Mike to put something up)
  5. Use of 240v welder outside the space

    • While we work on welding extraction, we could look at a “pop-up” welding space outside the fire doors
    • Richard thinks we might have 3/4 240v welders
    • See which are working and whether we can use them outside
    • Investigate fire doors, gas requirements, access, power supply, security, equipment, safety (Mike to report back)
  6. Any other business

    • Scrap/swarf – can we deal with this?
      • Jason not getting much response from scrap dealers. Possible consequence would be taking it in bags to the tip.
    • Wall in welding room – can we move? Suggest yes, pending feedback on the below.
    • We should do a Google form to gauge interest in welding room. What types of projects? What types of welding? Size? Training required, etc. (Mike to write up)
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Cheers for this Mike
Like the format its clear and easy to read.
Would maybe add numbers so we can refer to specific points easier?

Google Doc link: Tool Donation / Loan Form Template - Google Docs
When filling in take a copy of the form and email it back to the board when completed
Forms are then saved here: Tool & Equipment Forms / Documentation – Google Drive

I would however be cautious saying it ensures property is protected. This is more to help us look out for their property and show people that not everything belongs to the space. In the unfortunate event something is damaged, the form is meant to help us use it for reference when trying to resolve the issue, especially when a tools has ‘loose’ bits with it that could get lost.

Cheers Mark – I’ve gone and edited the minutes to account for that