Metalwork team meeting 22 Jan (minutes)

The metalwork team held a meeting on 22 Jan 2023. Here is a summary of what was discussed:

  • Update from space meeting on 11 Jan (lease, financial overview)
  • Risk assessments
    • New format provided by board. Fairly quick to complete (c. 20 mins)
    • Still some left to do for metalwork
    • Metalwork team may meet in coming weeks to review RAs in person.
  • Training
    • Need to find +1 lathe trainer and +1 mill trainer. Kevin has volunteered for lathe and Mike H for mill. Mike to liaise with Kevin to train him up, and Mike/Stephen/Mark to set date for mill training.
    • After risk assessments on bandsaw/angle grinder/bench grinder, will determine if training is necessary on these.
  • Welding extraction
    • We are in a position to request funding here (potentially c. £2k)
    • Mike to put together some costs
    • Have sold 3-phase TIG (£50 — was not working anyway)
    • Mike will also sell large MIG welder
    • Other welders will be removed from space temporarily to prevent unauthorised use
  • Proposed new equipment
    • Shotblast cabinet
      • Smallest is c. £215
      • Requires a certain amount of airflow
      • Richard to examine state of current compressor for rust/condition and spec. If new compressor is required, could be another £3/400
    • 3-in-1 sheet metal machine (sell existing folder to fund this?)
      • Not priority, as mostly useful for welding/fabrication
    • Quick change tool post for Warco
      • Would probably not allow interchangeability between lathes due to different centre height
      • Mark to look at costs (e.g. selection here)
      • Speak to Michael (lathe owner) to check if he’s happy
    • DRO for metal mill
      • Cost may be around £350-£400 (example)
      • DRO would make mill vastly more useable
      • Mike to put together purchase proposal via board. If this fails, revert to pledge drive via users.
    • Drill press table quick release clamp
      • Very affordable. Mike to do micro-proposal.
    • Bandsaw repeatedly has issues.
      • Richard has identified some issues + parts to replace.
      • Once we have new parts, perform service and setup from scratch as per manual
      • If problems persist, look into replacement saw
    • Heavy duty work bench, to replace the racking in the middle of the room (racking would be used elsewhere, it’s just not sturdy as a workbench).
      • Mark to look at bolt-together options incl. costs.
      • Mike to bid on this bench in Salford for c. £50-£100
  • Luke’s pedestal grinder
    • Given size and possible costs/time involved to get this running, we decided against this.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestion on the above, please do let us know.

@garlicbread @Marcus6275 did we basically conclude that because the compressor isn’t large/powerful enough for a small shotblast cabinet, that we’re shelving that idea for now, due to the high cost of buying a new compressor as well as a cabinet?

Definitely one for the future, but might have to wait?

Yeah, currently we only have the red 50L compressor (Sealey - Power Mobile) which has a 7cfm flow rate. For sandblasting quick google searches recommend a minimum of 10cfm.

It is possible to have two small compressors running in parallel so we don’t necessary have to replace ours. Regardless it’ll take a bit more planning and money than originally though.

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