Metalwork Walls


The board has approved the construction of the remaining walls for the metalwork area of the space. The work for this is planned to be completed in the up coming weeks. The metalwork walls will be built the same as the woody dusty walls. Two layers of fire rated plasterboard with a layer of chipboard/OSB underneath.

As part of the work the metalwork area will require all the tools and equipment moved so that the building team have unobstructed access and to help ensure nothing is damaged during the build.

I would like to propose that the metalwork team/group have a meeting to take this opportunity to review the layout of the room and draw up how they’d like the room to be laid out going forward. This plan would be expected to include equipment, tools & work bench positions as well as lighting and electrical socket locations (note current Covid restrictions my limit layout possibilities).

Once the walls have been built the construction team will put the tools and equipment back in the locations requested by the metalwork team. Where possible lighting and sockets will also be installed, however this won’t be guaranteed.

Attached are two PDFs, one with everything located as is currently in the space. This should help provide an idea of how big equipment is. The blank PDF has only the walls of the metalwork area. The PDFs are A4 to make it easier for members to print out and sketch their proposals if they wish.

Metalwork Current.pdf (11.6 KB)
Metalwork Blank.pdf (6.1 KB)


I propose the meeting be held virtually, due to the current risks of meeting in person. I volunteer to host and provide some system for sharing and collaborating on a plan of the area, and have put up a doodle poll ( to decide on a suitable date. Voting will close on or around the end of the 26th, and I will then provide details of the date, time, and meeting link here. In the event of a tie I will prefer the earlier date.

Do the construction team need any help with this as I am more than willing to throw my hat in the ring but will only be available on weekends.

only just seen this! happy to have a meeting whenever. might be worth sharing this on the telegram group?

Thanks for the offer

Currently I’ve got enough people helping with the work but I’ll keep you in mind in case anybody can’t make it.