Metric Lathe


I recently acquired a Warco 220 metric lathe. Pictures are located

Now the specs are as follows

  • Swing over bed: 220 mm
  • Swing over cross slide: 134 mm
  • Height of center: 110 mm
  • distance between centers: 508mm


  • Spindle bore: 20mm
  • Spindle taper 3 MT
  • Spindle speed 125 to 2000 rpm

Caraige and compund slide travel

  • Cross slide: 100 mm
  • Compound slide: 70mm


  • 125 KG

Now speaking with Greg Id like to offer it as a long term loan to the space. However the things I will need help with are:

** - Building a table/stand for the lathe**
** - Transport to space as its on dining room floor**

Training wise we are going to amend the training to include both lathes and a small cross traing to the warco lathe for people who are trained to use the myford lathe.

Could I get some help on building the stand

Whats your time frame?

I can help with both building the Stand and Transport.

Unfortunately will be two weeks from now as I started to show flu symptoms yesterday. So avoiding space and outside until then

Ok with the space reopening, looking to get the lathe in place. I have got a iron table frame for the lathe, which is currently in the space where the welding area is. However for placing it in the space I am thinking of the alcove where the sheet metal bender is at the moment. What other opinions would people have of where to place it.

Eventually we hope to be building a wall between metal work and electronics so it may make sense to have the three lathes lined up along that.

However until that is complete the alcove would probably be the best place as its accessible yet out of the way. Where the metal bender would be moved to might need to be looked into as its quite bulky though.

Can you post pictures / dimensions as I can check it on the plot plan

The lathe has a length of 110cm with a width of 49cm. These measurements are taken from the drip tray of the lathe

So got the lathe and potential stand in the space as shown in following photographs

However while moving it in unfortunately the motor starter cap got smashed so that will need replacing. So first question what motor starter cap will I need based on the following motor plate?

Now I am guessing its going to need to be a 280 volt one at 100 to 110 uf according to what it mentions on the plate.

Secondly can I get some help one weekend from one or two voulentters to get the lathe on a stand and moved in to place. The table frame is 91 cm by 45.8cm.

hmm, sure there’s not a decimal point in there?
did you save anything of the original cap to check?

It’ll probably be a 100uF 280V cap so it exceeds the 240V supplied to the lathe.