Metric Lathe


I recently acquired a Warco 220 metric lathe. Pictures are located

Now the specs are as follows

  • Swing over bed: 220 mm
  • Swing over cross slide: 134 mm
  • Height of center: 110 mm
  • distance between centers: 508mm


  • Spindle bore: 20mm
  • Spindle taper 3 MT
  • Spindle speed 125 to 2000 rpm

Caraige and compund slide travel

  • Cross slide: 100 mm
  • Compound slide: 70mm


  • 125 KG

Now speaking with Greg Id like to offer it as a long term loan to the space. However the things I will need help with are:

** - Building a table/stand for the lathe**
** - Transport to space as its on dining room floor**

Training wise we are going to amend the training to include both lathes and a small cross traing to the warco lathe for people who are trained to use the myford lathe.

Could I get some help on building the stand

Whats your time frame?

I can help with both building the Stand and Transport.

Unfortunately will be two weeks from now as I started to show flu symptoms yesterday. So avoiding space and outside until then