MFS Meeting. Tue, 20 Oct. Talk: "PIC, Arduino/AVR and FPGA with Free Software"

Please feel free to forward this to those that would welcome it.

  • Event: Manchester Free Software’s October Meeting

  • Talk: PIC, Arduino and FPGA with Free Software

  • Speaker: Michael Dorrington

  • Start time: 19:00

  • Finish time: 20:30 (and then on for drinks)

  • Location: Madlab. (Manchester Digital Laboratory).

  • Address: 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester. M4 1HN.

== Details ==

The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software

Every meeting we start with an opportunity for informal key signing.
For an explanation of what this is about see:

The main part of the meeting will be a talk.

The talk will be on the PIC, Arduino, AVR and FPGA. These are
electronic devices that are often programmed to do a specific task. The
workflow is a program is written to do the task in a language/form that
then needs to be converted to the binary form that the device accepts
(even assembler is assembled into machine code). After this binary has
been produced it then needs to uploaded to the device. Additionally,
the device itself might require an alterable software bootloader to be
installed on it so that it then accept programs. The talk will
investigate each device type as to whether it has the required Free
Software tools.

If you have experience of programming PICs, Arduinos, AVRs or FPGAs with
Free Software then please consider giving a lightning talk at the meeting.

== After-meeting ==

The meeting will be followed by informal discussion and socialising in
the Terrace (which is next door to Madlab). There are soft drinks
available and there is no pressure to consume alcohol.

== Location ==

The meeting will take place at the usual venue of Madlab, details above.

== Transport ==

=== Parking ===

Around the venue there are parking meter bays that become zero cost
after 8pm on Tuesday so you will have to pay up until then and the
maximum stay is 2 hours BUT MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY ALL THIS on parking.

There are paid parking lots around the venue, they are marked by a blue
P in this OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab Most of those
parking lots are owned by NCP

If you can’t decide otherwise then park in Manchester Arndale

=== Public Transport ===

Manchester Victoria (MCV) train station, Shudehill tram and bus station,
and Manchester Piccadilly bus station are all fairly close to Madlab,
see OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab

Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) train station and Manchester Central Coach
Station are not too far away either.

== More Information ==

Information about Manchester Free Software can be found on the
Manchester Free Software pages on LibrePlanet

MFS Chair.

FSF member #9429
“The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide
mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all
free software users.”