Minutes from Members Meeting held on 7/11/2020

Hello all, I have the minutes form the last Memebrs meeting here for all to view, If you have any questions about what is on here, feel free to ask me. Hope al are doing well.

BunnyGirl. X

hack munites X.odt (21.6 KB)

Thanks Ellan

Do you know if the board has the minutes from the General Members meeting held back in September?

Assuming you mean the one on the 26th September - We don’t currently have these I have chased these up though with the member that took them and awaiting a response.

Not that I know of. But I will have a look in my files. X

Nope, the one that was this weekend passed. I cannot remember who did the minites on the September meeting. X

Thanks Ellan! A few queries, but are mostly typo/semantic related :slight_smile: happy to address them here/offline or wait til the next meeting :slight_smile: