MINUTES | Metal team meeting, 24 Jul 22

Hi everyone. Below you can find a summary of the metal team meeting that took place last night. If you have any questions, or would like to be involved, please ask them here.

24 Jul 22, 7:30 PM

Mark Dale
Ben Dooks
Michael Hindley
Jason Moseley
Stephen Procter
Jim Ratcliffe
Richard Westwell

1. Updates on general ongoing work:

a) Welding area

Mark emailed welding fan/extraction company on 23/07. Finding welding-suitable fan is a challenge (for gases/particulates). Ducting is 200mm so fan should ideally match. Mark sent potential plan + series of questions to company.

Provisional price list has come down slightly since last check. Ducting – c.£350. Fan and electrical work would be extra, as would fire dampener. Mark is waiting to hear from the company. The extraction infra can be removed if/when we move premises. Jim has offered some aluminium tape if required. NO IMMEDIATE ACTION.

b) Lathe documentation

Mike has updated the posters, training manual, and trainer’s manual for the Myford and created a checklist to sign once training is complete. NO ACTION.

c) Lathe maintenance

Team members have recently made some repairs/adjustments to the Myford lathe. Reminder will go out to lathe members about what can and cannot be adjusted on the tool. Richard also suggested a sign should be created. See below.

d) Damaged tools (Bandsaw? Angle grinder)

  • The MacAlister angle grinder recently fell apart during use, as the spindle bearing failed. Another angle grinder has been donated by a member (Ed) but the team agreed not to allow members to use this until training (below) has been finalised. NO IMMEDIATE ACTION.
  • The bandsaw has some ongoing issues. The switch needs replacing and it may require a new blade and realignment. Team resolved to keep the machine out of order until those repairs have been carried out. STEPHEN to examine switch and look into replacement.

e) Metal CNC machine

Should this belong to the metal team or the CNC team, and where should it live? Richard is close to having the CNC operational. Opinion is that the machine will not handle steel, but will handle aluminium and brass. Opinion within the team is that the machine will be self-contained and can live in any workshop. RICHARD will continue with getting the machine online.

2. Workshop induction – we have documentation. Next step is to put this online.

  • Mike to liaise with Conor about the practicalities of standing up an online induction with a quiz at the end.

3. Upcoming communications

  • Email to all lathe users re. updates. MIKE to write and send.

4. AOB

Work bench layout (Mark)

Due to congestion of users around the static bench machines, Mark suggested some changes to layout, as illustrated here:

Main changes:

  • Richard’s CNC lathe to move next to Myford
  • Metal bins to move behind doors
  • Pillar drill to move to its old position, next to welding doors
  • Grinder and belt sander to move to “grinding area” in welding room – keeps abrasive dust out of machining areas and will have its own extraction setup powered by a small vacuum.