Movable base & local extraction for DeWalt mitre saw

Proposal Type:

Mark Dale - WoodyDusty

Proposal to mount DeWalt Mitre Saw on a movable base similar to the two bandsaws, and include a permanently connected dust extraction vacuum underneath that has an automatic switch on feature (power take off)

If the vacuum proves effective we could buy extra ones for each bandsaw so that they also have automatic dust extraction.

Proposed Purchase:
For the movable base we bought these in the past for the bandsaws:

They don’t currently have an offer on so are currently £20 more expensive than when we bought them last time.

For the vacuum Evolution have a ‘toolbox’ wet & dry vac. This would fit easily under the mitre while typical wet & dry vacs would be too tall:

Its slightly cheaper at other online tool shops but Toolstation are convenient if we need to return it under warranty.

For the base that the wheels attach to we’ll need some plywood. We have some that was ear-marked for building more under stage storage that we could use for this instead. A full sheet of 18mm is £25 at Emerge. We’d only need a 1.1 x 0.6m rectangle so excess could go toward other projects in the space (assuming we’d have to buy a full sheet rather than what we need)

Proposed Installation:
Woody Dusty

£137.25 (£52.27 + £84.98)
(£162.25 if we need to buy the plywood, would make it a medium proposal)

Ongoing consumable cost for the vacuum filters (£9.99)

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
Mitre saw training would cover the movable base. Members already inducted would be made aware of the changes via email, Telegram and forum.

Minor update to risk assessments required:

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Mark

If you’re not sure how it works from here, basically below you can ask any questions you have, then once you’re happy for the proposal to go ahead you can reply showing your support. This can be as simple as posting “+1”.

Mark (@Marcus6275)

putting blades on wheels to chase their enemies. love it





board +1
fyi we had one extra sheet of ply for making the snooker table top no one ever got around to doing, so unsure if this is the spare piece you’ve mentioned.

+1 board