Moving 3D printer and other organising stuff

A sugestion was raised in the MMMM meeting to move the 3D printer from its current location to the bottom of the room where the Vac former and laser cutter is placed. As we would like to not impose a move on people who were not their to discuss it. Making a post here where people can do one of the following:

  • Give suggestions
  • Raise any objections
  • Voulenteer to lend a hand when the move date is picked

Also we have issues with the box of people spools being filled. We would like members to store them inside thier boxes instead. A suggestion has been put forward for putting people spools that are left on or around the machine in to the box of shame.

However this can be a bit much so would like to suggest having a box of ‘no shame’ near the 3d printer for peoples prints and spool where after a week they will be put in the box of shame.

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