Moving Wishlist

With the move happening and we have been discussing stuff that we might need in the new space. This list is split into 2 sections… Needs based on what we know we might need for the new space and things people have that might be useful for a new space.

This post is a wiki post so please feel free to add items though where possible please give a use case. If you have any of the items on the Need List please reply so we have an idea of qty etc

Need List

  • Washing Machine - for the Graphics area (where the laser cutter, 3d printer, craft stuff etc will be housed) for the use of washing screen printing materials, tie dying etc

  • Bar stools - Number of uses including seating for high work benches in the general area, graphic area and metalworking area

  • Monitors/TV with HDMI input - Various uses including computer stations, raspberry pi setup stations and for hackscreen and gaming systems and also VESA mounts

  • Commercial Sinks / Lab Sinks/ Deep Bottom Sinks

  • Boardroom table and/or chairs - for use in the classroom/learning space

  • Celling Projector Mount, Smartboard (We can dream), Chromecast for AV Setup in Classroom

  • Suitable flooring for different areas

  • Infrastructure Items - Electrical sockets (in good condition), wiring cables for both electrical and ethernet including wiring, switches etc

  • Metal Mill - if anyone has one of these lying around in a shed or garage and wants to donate it you would make a lot of people very happy!

Any of the stuff listed above can be dropped into the space at anytime just stick it somewhere sensible and stick a label on it saying New Space Donation (or Loan)

Have List
This is list of stuff that you might have that you think might be useful - Please don’t bring this into the space until you have had confirmation from someone that its actually a useful item for the new space.

  • List item

if anyone wants a go at moving my old one (and trying to repair it, it has a spin issue)

I’d rather for the electricals we just got everything we needed from a reputable supplier

I’m not sure if its still around, but in the corridor there was the old ‘big’ table from space2, which was 8ft x 4ft, and would make a good boardroom table.

Showed a few people a website last night called bidspotter. It’s like eBay but for liquidation sales, so you have to collect.

Theres one in particular in Manchester with a cataloge on at the moment. Theres about 1k items so it’s a lot to trawl through, but I had a scan through.

Theres some networking gear, including switches, POE switches, a few reels of cat5 etc.

Smartboards x 2

A few projectors

Lots of desks, couple of board tables, office chairs

Big fancy printers, page 3 has some photocopiers like Konika Minolta Bizhubs, that kind of thing

Could be worth an explore.