New Equipment Fund

During Lockdown we made a commitment to commit a sum of money unused from the COVID-19 grant to new space equipment / enhancing the space. The board agreed at our meeting today to start the process of looking into where that money will be spent. Note this wont be an overnight process we wont be rushing out to buy new equipment as we want to monitor the covid situation some more but we want to have the data for when we are willing to go ahead with the investment.

At the moment we have an agreement to spend up to £5000 on the space in terms to get new equipment. Each area below will have an amount of £1000 committed to it which can be used for the purchase of new equipment, general improvements to an area or towards a pledge drive for a much larger piece of equipment to an area.

The Areas

Woody Dusty
Visual Arts
General Space

Not all the money needs to be spent and we will look at how we use any remaining funds in any areas if this occurs

So How do we decide this?

It will be down the membership to decide where it goes and we’ve kept the process simple

Join this trello board and start adding pieces of equipment you would like in the space, try to include links and prices where possible, you can also vote yes or no or netural on a card already there

Once we are confident that we have past the worst of the COVID crisis and are back to our normal income levels we will then release the funds to buy the new equipment with the final purchasing decisions being made by members at a member’s meeting.

So what do we mean by new equipment?

This can be anything from a new tool to new storage solutions for an area, upgrades to existing equipment will also be considered as long as they don’t take up the full amount to each area

What about Equipment that costs more than £1000

This will be considered as part of a pledge drive, simply post it to the trello board with the amount you want the membership to consider contributing from the £1000 alongside any confirmed pledges (or comment with a pledge amount if your interested in that item)

Supporting a card

Click on the Card on the trello board and click vote this will let you either like, dislike or remain netural on a card. This will help us see which ideas are most popular and will be useful as a way of making decisions on what we get. The final decision will be made a members meeting but the more support a card gets the more likely it is to be agreed.

This really is a unique opportunity to get some great new equipment for the space, get your thinking caps on and lets fill the space with some really cool things to be creative with!

Any questions drop us an email on