New guy with a few questions

Hey guys, ive been snooping around for a few days now and am quite interested in joining you. I plan on coming to the open night tonight to introduce myself but out of excitement id love to ask a few questions now.

Do many of you do much wood work? As a lot of the chat i see on the telegram is electronics.


How open to you to newbies? Ive only recently been making things and even then only small carvings and such as i have hugely limited space at home (i used to love leather crafts too but thats another story)

Thanks and see you later!

Edit: im quite keen on learning new skills if people dont giving some help :slight_smile:

Hi Kieran,

Thanks for getting in touch.

HacMan is basically a community workshop / space where people can turn up
and realise their various projects - be that Electronics and Robotics,
Mechanical construction and cycle repair to carpentry and joinery and we
also have an area for sewing / crafting and anything else.

The space and tools are there for members to use and the projects are
varied and many. We are happy to welcome new members and if wood is the
medium of choice for your craft then we are happy to cater to that and have
a fully stocked workshop with all the wood working tools you might need as
well as somewhere to work. We have a table saw, band saw, wood planer and
thicknesser and all manner of hand saws and chisels, mallets, mortice
gauges etc. Many of our members are into Ikea furniture upcycling and
making their own furniture but cater to all wood working where possible.

There are a lot of electronics engineers in the membership so yeah that
does seem to dominate some of the conversation but I’m always interested in
wood working and crafting and so are most of our other members. There
isn’t a lot of carving performed as we tend to use the 3D printer and the
laser cutter more for that as it is quicker however there is no reason why
you couldn’t use the space for wood carving.

I like to think we are very open to newbies and we are more than happy to
share skills! I will be in the space tonight hopefully and would be more
than happy to give you the tour and chat.

Kind regards


So chuffed, thats music to my ears i cannot wait to come by later. Ill be there at around 8 (ill be the guy with stupidly long hair :smile: )

Heh. That doesn’t narrow it down much :wink:

Hope you have a good time tonight.

Tamarisk Kay

Also worth noting that I think we have some stuff towards leatherworking if you wanted to get back into that; though Chris will know more than I do about that (and hopefully he’ll be there tonight)