New style mitre/bandsaw training pilot

There will be mitre/bandsaw training on 27/11/2023 at 7PM.

This will be a new type of training using a different format which will mean we have a higher limit on attendees. There will be two trainers attending: @peterdroberts and @Percy42. This is a pilot and if it goes well we’ll be looking at transfer more training to this style. If you are interested in attending please contact Peter Roberts on telegram (@peterdroberts), or DM him on here, making sure to include a means by which you can be contacted closer to the time if further arrangements need to be made. A mitre/bandsaw induction is required before other in-person inductions so apply for this if you would like to eventually be trained on other machines.

We will aim for 90 minutes but with it being a pilot, please allow 2hr30m as we can’t be certain on duration.

Please wear flat close toed shoes; tie long hair back and bring a mask of ffp2 or ffp3 grade if you struggle with respiratory issues that put you at higher than average risk from wood dust (no highly toxic woods will be cut during this session).

Please note the intent of these sessions is to ensure people are aware of basic safety precautions and the individual controls of the tools in the hackspace. We can’t teach you to be good at using them. Further independent study is recommended.

I will write a post explaining the new training concept, but the first thing is to make sure people can attend.

As usual I’ve left fleshing this out to the last moment, but the overall concept so far is that we will split the session into two sections: a classroom section and an in-workshop section/practical assessment.

Previously the assessment and the training were combined and there wasn’t a fully developed lesson plan.

The workshop section will involve demos done by two trainers, who will then run through every inductee and get them to do the same tasks.

The training has been fully written up, this means we can move in future to shorter sessions with assessments only, allowing us to train previously experienced users quickly, making it easier to bring on new trainers and allowing previously trained people to review the material.