New To-Do List - Trello

Hi All,

I’ve created a Trello To-Do list for the space. I understand there are already a few floating around but this one is hosted from a hackspace email rather than a personal one, and it would be good to have a centralised location.

If you don’t know Trello it’s a good way of organising information on to do lists. I’ve set up a few Lists such as board, subgroup teams, members. I’ve then added task cards to those which are clickable and give more information about the task.

The to-do list is viewable without a login, but if you want to collaborate and mark things done, you will need a trello login. Trello is free though.

I realise there is a risk this becomes another redundant piece of technology we’re trying to implement, but there isn’t currently a better way for us to list all the things we need member’s help with in one location. If in 3 months time, no one is using it, then we simply close it and return to how we’ve been doing things thus far. I feel like having everything that needs to be done around the space in one place will be beneficial for members who have a spare few hours and want to help out.

Subgroups are welcome to start their own lists, or I can make up to 10 ‘boards’ on the account, giving us separate workspaces, though i think it’s better all on one page.

The link to join the workspace is here:

The link to view the workspace is on the top bar of our website:

and here:
Manchester Hackspace Trello Board



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