New to the space and keen to help out.


I joined the space the other week having just moved from Bristol where I was part of the hackspace there. We had just moved spaces also and I was part of the wood team helping to get that room all set up.

Having moved here recently, I don’t have that much to do this weekend (currently) , so was thinking I could put some time into the wood shop. Are there any tasks that need doing?

I noticed a lot of the plastic boxes were empty in there. Would putting a big screwfix/toolstation shopping list together of everything the wood room is missing/that is broken be handy or is there something else that I could do (while keeping out of the way of anyone else using the wood room) ?



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Hi Joe

Getting some help would be great. We have a few members currently reviewing the training / induction process for woodwork (aka WoodyDusty) so a massive help would be experience and guidance on how we can improve. Most recently we found that people had been using the machines (eg. table saw) incorrectly causing damage so it’s a high priority for us to get sorted as it could have been an injury instead.

We do have a consumables list: Consumables - Hackspace Manchester Documentation
So an audit of the workshop to find out what we have runout of would defiantly be helpful, though I know its not a fun job so don’t feel obligated. Also the Hackspace is a bit tight on budget so at the moment its unlikely funding would be approved unless absolutely necessary

As for the physical aspect of the space I’ve been slowly working on the buildout of the workshop with the long work benches and getting the table saw running etc. I had to shift focus to other areas of the space the past few months hence the slow progress. As of right now I’m not sure what tasks are ready to do just yet I’m afraid.

Hi Joe – it’s Mike here who showed you round. Thanks for your willingness to help.

Do you have experience in training or inducting people on wood machinery? A general clean and tidy up of the wood area, while not at all fun, is ALWAYS helpful.

Hi Marcus,

  1. I think every hackspace struggles and overcomes the same hurdles, so some more active sharing of ideas is always great, I’d be happy to provide input. Due to the lack of inductors with time available in Bristol we were slowly moving our inductions online, most recently the chop saw and the table saw were moved online. In this way we can be sure that everyone gets the exact same induction, and we can use quality YouTube videos rather than a tired inductor who has just finished work. This would then be followed by an online quiz and the padlock passcode for a plug socket guard so you can plug the tool in. I had also suggested the contact details of a ‘competent person/people’ who you could contact should you have further questions, or if you’d like to help in person should then be provided.

It seems inherently less safe, but when compared to members using the tools unqualified out of frustration of not being able to book an induction, it’s the better of the 2 options, and certainly helped in Bristol. Happy to discuss in person some time though.

  1. I’m happy to go through the consumables list and see what’s missing in the workshop. There isn’t a ‘consumables process’ that I can find in the documents. In Bristol we’re free to buy anything that we’ve run out of on the consumables list and will be refunded when we supply a receipt, is that the case here?

Following on from that I couldn’t find a document detailing how to propose the purchase of new bits and bobs, as I couldn’t find a few simple bits and bobs the other night, e.g. Tri-square, metal ruler, etc.

  1. No worries if you don’t have a ready to go list of tasks on the other bits and bobs.

Hey Mike,

I’ve experience training people to use a band saw and replace blades.

I also assisted in the creation of an online induction + quiz to use the table saw and a chop saw we had purchased.

I’ve also a fair bit of experience using the thicknesser, scroll saws, router, router table, and sanders (of which the one in woody dusty seems to have a slipping belt?

This is really interesting. I think there’s some scope to digitise the space inductions (for the less dangerous tools) while retaining in-person inductions for the table saw, lathes, etc. Can you share the video inductions you used? Did you custom make them or did you use/find existing YouTube content?

We were originally planning to custom make them, but time and volunteer constraints made us use YouTube. But we then decided, why have a poorly made in-house video when there are fantastic videos already available for free.

Here’s the table saw induction. Another plus is that anyone can revisit anytime.

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Yep - another downside is that if you do a video tour of a space, you have to re-do it when you add a new tool…

Did you have a suggestion of something I could try and get done this weekend to do with inductions?

I could have a go at putting some risk assessments together if I can gather the energy as I see those are missing from the doc share. Though I don’t know how much of a priority those are. Do we have a risk assessment template for HacMan?

There’s board member (Ellan) currently looking after those, but I’m not sure how far she’s got. If you email and ask, I’m sure your help would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

Don’t do anything with inductions just yet please, as it’s a project that’s already underway with a few moving parts.

And in a more general sense, any tidying/cleaning of woody is always great. Do you know where the big bins are?

This should be the official Google docs folder for storing the risk assessments:

It should be set to allow members to comment with board/approved members able to edit. I’m aware Ellen has more currently saved on her personal drive that still need transfering though

hey welcome to the space!

I really like your table saw wiki page. Agree that there’s lots of great resources out there which we should use.

Then some way of checking it’s been understood would then be all that’s required to say we did what we needed.

I came into the space 2 weekends ago as I said, I tidied the wood room up, hoovered, emptied all the spaces bins (though sadly the outside bins were full :frowning: ) and made a list of broken/missing tools, as well as fixing what I could. Even while I was cleaning the space, someone walked in, planed wood onto the floor then walked off…a bit demoralising to say the least.

You might have noticed there’s a broken tool box on the floor, with the tools I couldn’t fix in.

I’ve just found the time to type out my list of things I noted, though I’m told there’s probably no budget to fix it currently, so i’m going to hold off putting together a tool station shopping list:

Things not working/broken (that I couldn’t fix)

  • Digital multimeter not turning on - may just need a new battery (SR44 1.5v)
  • 1 crappy sanding block
  • 1 pop rivet gun isn’t working properly and gets jammed - i cleaned it out, lubed it and tested it again and it got blocked, i think the chuck teeth are badly worn inside.
  • lots of plane bases walking around with no blades nor top plates on them.
  • plenty of chipped/rusty chisels, though I think I saw someone has just said they’re now sharpened (woohoo)
  • 2 x 1m quick clamps with no triggers (these aren’t that expensive to replace if there’s the money, ~£30 each).
  • 1 coping saw with no end tightening thing - probably too niche a thing to buy?
  • loads of saws, one had a bent tip and we have about 15 others anyway, so it went in the broken tools box.
  • broken table stand thing (i don’t remember what this note referred to, maybe the folding work bench)
  • Belt sander slips, i tried taking it apart and tensioning it, but to no avail. I’m not sure what to suggest other than buying a new belt sander. I tried changing the belts too, but it still wouldn’t work. Could this be caused by people buying a metric belt instead of imperial? Who knows.
  • 6" disc sander has no velcro left on it.

Things I noticed we didn’t have/we need imo:

  • not much stock of grit 240+
  • not much sand paper if any for the hand sanders
    barely any wood clamps of the springy peg variety
  • try-square/engineers square
  • proper dust pans and brushes (rather than the tiny domestic kinds)
  • speaker/radio
  • sanding paper abrasive cleaner block
  • vacuum cyclone, to stop the hoover getting clogged up.

Just so no one takes this list the wrong way, it’s not a list of ‘Daddy I want a pony’ but was more meant to be to help make a note of what is in line for replacement/procurement.



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Thanks for doing that. The cleaning thing is definitely demoralising when you find others just not bothering, especially right in front of you. It should be part of the members induction so there isn’t any excuse tbh. We do have a policy that repeat offenders after warnings are banned from the workshop though I don’t think that’s ever been brought against any members in the past (plus its hard to do without access control)

From tomorrow (if I have the motivation to get to the space) I’ll be working on woody again so the benches will hopefully help with some of the organisation in the workshop. Ill try answer your points (numbered for clarity)

  1. Digital multimeter:
    Probably an electronics thing, they should have a box for fixing that stuff (if it can be fixed)
  2. Sanding block:
    If its crappy & damaged/broke then it can probably be thrown, sometimes a block of wood is sufficient, though some may call me a heathen. Maybe some nice ones could be got for the space, but unless they were bomb proof they’ll just get broken
  3. Pop rivet gun:
    May be best looking at whether tools in metalwork can fix it. Useful tool to have, though I can see metalwork getting more use from it than woody as well?
  4. Plane parts:
    Not an expert but a few members have an interest in hand planes (assume that’s what you mean) They maybe willing to fix them, otherwise if they are no use then just bin.
  5. Chisels:
    We planned to have two ‘sets’. A good set that was locked away and used by members who are trained how to maintain them so they stay sharp, and a general set that everyone and their donkey can use for whatever. Atm all of the chisels fall under the general set until locked tool storage is available (part of the bench plans)
  6. Quick Clamps:
    We have a random assortment of quick clamps, some can be fixed and other that can’t just need binning. If we run low then we can ask for more but we have loads spread around the space
  7. Coping Saw:
    The missing part may, MAY, be somewhere in the room under the dust. Having at least one is always useful for members
  8. Saws:
    In April I bought a bunch of new hand saws (the new Irwin ones) as part of the consumables restock. The old hardpoint are mainly just there as ones to use when needing something you don’t care to much about damaging more (sawing door frame out of a brick arch). We do have some old ones that actually need hand sharpening. Again we have members to have shown interest in maintaining them, but only when they will be looked after by members
  9. Table Stand:
    Assume you’re referring to the ‘workmates’ They just need the wood beam replacing tbh. They can be really useful as temporary workspaces. The black Wickes? one annoying keeps jamming so needs some TLC.
  10. Belt Sander:
    That tool is on-loan (name written on machine) I suspect the rubber drive wheel isn’t as grippy? Wasn’t aware the difference in Imperial and Metric belts could have that affect but might be the reasons
  11. Sander Disc:
    Just needs the old velcro scraping off and new gluing on tbh
  12. Sand paper:
    Don’t think 240 was restocked, I only went for the stuff available on the roll from Screwfix.
  13. Hand Sanders:
    Assume you’re referring to the powered ones? I restocked the belt sander but not the palm ones, several were member tools wasn’t sure if they were on-lone or not hence not restocking
  14. Square:
    Should be a couple knocking around the space
  15. Dust Pans:
    Dust extraction will have a floor scoop so pan might not be as required though I just use the shovel, we have a few brushes knocking around the space
  16. Speaker:
    We had some connected to the Bluetooth ones in the main area but the wire was cut after a miss understanding. Small speakers should still be around in the space somewhere, just need another means of connecting phone/music to them if we want it separate from the main area
    17: Cleaner Block
    Don’t think we’ve ever had one (I’ve not seen one) would be good if it would help prolong the belts on the machines?
    18: Cyclone
    The blue barrel works as a knockout pot for the henry hoovers and does a good job for most of the dust, however the barrel has been damaged so it often collapses reducing its effectiveness. The extraction plan that I have utilising a Thein Baffle to act as a cyclone, the dust will drop into the pink wheelie bin. Just need time to implement

Any other questions give us a shout/message in the Got Wood? telegram channel for a ‘usually’ quicker response :slight_smile:

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I have put some sandpapers in stock, various grits. If I can find some suitable wood tomorrow with Bart we’ll be upgrading woodworking table and possibly do some chisel holders and mallets, material and time dependent.

Major issue for me is dust extraction and filtering, so tinkering about that now.