New to the space - guidance needed.

Hello all.

I have just signed up to be part of your community, and would like to come to the space next week to have a look around (Week starting Sunday 16/04/17). Is anyone available on any day to give me some pointers/show me around, please?

Best regards


Hi Chris,

Welcome to HacMan :slight_smile:

Regarding coming into the space I can obviously only answer for myself (and my partner since I can ask him questions ;):

  • I will be in on Tuesday (probably from about 17h until around 22h)
  • we have an open night on Wednesday from 19h and
  • @skippy will probably be around on Thursday evening from around 18h.

Others may be in at other times. If you’d like real time responses I recommend joining our telegram chat:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



So I will aim to be there on Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you very much.

I’ll be in from 5 :slight_smile: