New to the space.


just joined hackspace today,

Look forward ro meeting some of you.

Just wanted to ask are there any scrap mayerials or resources that are shared? Wood glue e.c.t.

Thanks amy

Welcome! Yes wood glue and small bits like that are communal and can be used. People tend to buy things like that on an ad hoc basis as they run out or if they use a lot of one thing.

Material left in a pile in the space is likely fair game, just check no-one has written DNH (do not hack) on it and it’s not otherwise labeled.

Also things stored on the shelves behind woodworking are not for use as that is members storage. Everyone can claim a space there to store their things

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Brill thankyou for replying so quickly.


Hi Amy,

I should add that there’s a big pile of scrap wood in the wood workshop. You’re free to use wood from there as long as it’s not labelled DNH. But please don’t add to the pile, as it quickly becomes unmanageable!

Music to my ears thanks mike