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Medium Small

@peterdroberts - WoodyDusty

This is a continuation of Track saw accessories - Purchase Proposals - Forum | Hackspace Manchester ( Rationale remains the same, but this is a new saw rather than just the track. I got support from @Josephxtian, which puts that proposal over the line. Current track saw is LIDL, and needs a new blade (~£12). Track is £76 on amazon atm.

Given the saw isn’t great in the first place, it may also be time to upgrade that. There are two options on proposals

Proposed Purchase:

Proposed Installation:
This would replace LIDL parkside saw. When cutting on track you cut the splinter guard the first time you use it, so we’d need saws to be adjusted the same, or identical.

£98.72 for saw only, £179.99 for bundle. The bundle would push this into ‘medium’. I’ll put appropriate number of spaces for medium proposal, even though that would be ‘more economic way to fulfill two small proposals’ as I don’t want to bend the rules.

Ongoing consumables are splinter guard strips: Evolution Splinter Guard Track Cut Strips | Evolution Power Tools UK (~£5 for 2) and new blades (~£25 for official evolution ones, but less (~£12) for alternatives)

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
These details covered in original proposal


Supporting Board Members:

  1. @Josephxtian
  2. @AlanPatrickGood

Supporting Members:

  1. Peter Roberts @peterdroberts
  2. @thinkl33t
  3. @Marcus6275
  4. @Kilfrost
  5. @mikeh

ccs from previous proposal

@Fnhalluk @Josephxtian @DominiqueTink

@mikeh @Marcus6275 @thinkl33t @conall @Bob_Clough @kraftcroft @bluetin


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