New Windows

Good News: we are getting new double glazed windows fitted on the 16th (Thursday). This should make the space warmer and easier to heat.

Bad news: The space will be in disarray from late Wednesday until the following Saturday, when there will be a put-the-space-back-together day.

People willing to help with moving things to allow access to the windows, please come on Wednesday - I will aim to start doing the major moving one open evening has died down somewhat.

People who can help put things back - I will be around on Saturday, from about 10-11am.

If you are planning on coming, it would be nice to know.


Thanks to everyone who helped move things after the open evening - the window areas are now clear.

Please note that the following equipment is not in use:

  • Laser Cutter
  • 3D printers
  • CNC router
  • 2D printer

The craft corner is currently inaccessible due to the position of the laser cutter
Some areas of table are being used for storage of things that were blocking the windows.

Please do not attempt to replace the laser cutter or 3D printers unless you are a maintainer.

The space should be returned to normal on Saturday - I will keep everyone updated here.



The 2 outer windows have been finished.
All of the equipment noted as being unavailable is now back in order.

When there are enough people in the space to move it properly the table with the CAMM3 on it needs to be moved against the wall (it’s mostly there)

The middle window is going to be done on the 28th - it wasn’t done today as the unit downstairs needed access to their roller shutter.

As the middle window being done will cause more dust and mess I am postponing the HTSD until after it is done.


Thanks Greg. Are you happy to coordinate people to be there on 28th? I can be in from 10h until 16h if it helps.


Yes - I can be in at the times you aren’t.

I think that counts as coordination.


Yeah that counts.