New Workshop Teams

Dear Members

We are launching four new teams to help us manage the workshop spaces. We already have a laser team that has proven effective in managing the laser cutter and would like to use that method of management for other areas. With new tools & equipment being bought for the space we need to being working on writing new training procedures & risk assessments, as such we recognise need to ask members who have the knowledge to help us with this.

These teams will utilise Telegram group chats for instant messaging and will be used only to discuss matters with the relevant area, such as writing training procedures & editing risk assessments. General discussion will still be expected in the existing chats, these teams are a way for the board to communicate with members interested in the running of the space in a more focused way that doesn’t get lost in the day-to-day discussions often held in the general group chats.

Team members will have the following responsibilities:

  • Making & voting on decisions that affect the workshop area
  • Buying & managing consumables for the space (reimbursable)
  • Working with the board/subcommittees when required
  • Periodic maintenance of the tools and cleaning of the workspace
  • Ensuring tools have sufficient training resources available
  • Attendance of workshop meetings

Team Woodwork:
This team will manage the general woodworking area of the space, known as WoodyDusty.

Team CNC:
This team will manage the CNC machines in the space. Currently we have two that live in WoodyDusty, however this team will take on any additional machines in the future.

Team Metalwork:
This team will manage the general metalworking area of the space, known as WeldyGrindy.

Team Welding:
This team will manage the equipment relating to welding in the hackspace.

The workshop teams will be closed groups to ensure only those interested in helping are present. Inactive members will be periodically removed from these teams. Members can join any number of these teams, however they must be paying members and have Telegram (I can help with setup). If you are interested in joining please contact myself either on telegram (@6275marcus) via email (