Now for sale: L6470 Stepper Driver Boards

Anyone interested in these?

If a few people are, i’ll talk to charles about getting a free
shipping code for manchester.

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From: Charles Yarnold
Date: 22 November 2012 16:32
Subject: [london-hack-space] Now for sale: L6470 Stepper Driver Boards
To: Hackspace Mailing List

Hello all,

As you may or may not have seen I have been designing a driver board
for the great stepper driver L6470 from ST with the help of other
London Hackspace members.

Its a fab stepper driver with lots of cool features, feel free to ask
me any questions that aren’t covered on the product page.

I’m now ready to get these ordered and built!

Thanks to the interest of members I have been able to get the cost
down, so for everyone on the list you can now preorder your boards
today on Tindie!

Discount codes:
6E11A6F - Gets you $6 off the cost, making each board under £12 (my
target price for the batch hackspace order)
B83E2D6 - Gets you $6 off and free shipping (but this means you must
either collect them from me at the space, or include your box location
in the order comments for me to pop them in your box)

While I don’t plan on removing the codes any time soon, I would be
very grateful if people who want some of the boards were able to put
in their orders asap to enable me to get the first batch out the door

Hugs and squiggles