Obscure Film Club (Cinema Obscura),

Hello, I am wanting to do an obscure film club on the 3rd Friday of each month.

We could set up the big TV or use a projector.

What I would want for this is that we watch the film and then discuss it for a little bit afterwards.

I would research the films to watch but if you like you could bring in your own to watch on whatever format you could get to work on the technology we have available at the Space.

Please let me know if that would be of interest and we could get the film rolling, either on Mailing list or on Telegram.

Thank you, BunnyGirl. X

Death race 2000 (full movie appears to be on youtube)

If you want really obscure
there’s the Neil Breen films (so bad it’s good genre)

RedLetterMedia youtube seems to have a segment dedigated to the best of the worst for ideas
although that’s assuming you can find the full movies somewhere online

Many Thanks

Thank you very much Garlic Bread. I think we will need a voting system so we can then offer up films and then to elect the one that we watch at the movie night :slight_smile:.

I will need to see how that will work.

BunnyGirl. X

the telegram group is https://t.me/joinchat/FF6EYw4bVxcIAFrxxPcRCA