October HACMan Sessions - Return of Hackurday

Our regular Wednesday evening meetings in the month of October will be on
the evenings of:

  • Wednesday 6th October, 7pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday 13th October, 7pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday 20th October, 7pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday 27th October, 7pm - 11pm

Also the Saturday Session is back!

  • Saturday 16th October, 11am - 7pm: *PRINTERSMASH 2: SON OF PRINTERSMASH
    *- Our aim of the day is to rip apart as many of the old printers /
    scanners / computers from under the stairs as possible, but if you’re not
    interested, feel free to work on your own projects.
  • Saturday 30th October, 10am - 4pm: Robot Hack Day -
    http://madlab.org.uk/content/robot-hackday/ We will be helping run this
    event in association with MadLab, Manchester Science Festival, Oomlout, and
    Howduino. Basic format will be the same as last year, ripping apart
    electronics, building robots to complete tasks, and having a fun time. If
    you might want to come along to this, it’s please book a free ticket at
    http://robothackday2010.eventbrite.com/ to make sure you get in!

Hope to see you all there!