Offer of new woodworking equipment

Hi, I hope this is a half decent place to post this.

So, I joined last week, and have had a good scout through the woodwork shop today, and I think I have a few things to offer. A few years ago I was renting a house that came with a huge cellar, that had been left full of stuff by the previous tenant. I’ve since moved out, I still have the space, but without the house I don’t have access to power there, so I have a decent collection of stuff that is currently of zero use to me where it is, and it’s likely to be years before I have enough space to use again. It’s already been 18 months. I know there is a potential move planned, so wanted to get this out there now.

First up, I can offer a substantial upgrade to the table saw. I have a Scheppach 3 1/2 HP ( I think) single phase table saw with sliding carriage. It’s a fantastic saw that I sorely miss using, and not to sound selfish but I could use it a lot more if it was at hacman than in my storage unit. The only part I don’t have is the blade guard - this was missing when it was given to me, but that shouldn’t be too hard to source.

Second, I have a bench top router table. I did notice there is one in the workshop, I didn’t have a good look at it. I bought one about 18 months ago from MachineMart, assembled it, realised my big router is too big for it, meant to return it and never did, so it’s in a box in my unit, fully assembled with all the accessories and never once used.

Third up, I have a pillar drill. benchtop, Clarke with an induction motor. Not much bigger than the one currently in the workshop, but it does seem to have a bit more travel, as well as all 3 handles :wink:

Fourth - about 8 long sash clamps, bar clamps, quick clamps, ranging from about 3’ to about 4’. I only use these for personal projects, not work - I won’t drive from Burnley to Manchester every time I need a clamp, and they are never going to fit into a members storage box, so I am happy for them to be in the workshop for general use. because you can never have enough clamps, especially long ones.

Fifth, hand tools, and a lot of them. The previous tenant of my space was a bathroom fitter who kept the place a tip and left a hell of a lot of stuff, and this was 3 years ago now. I have picked what I want from these a long time ago now, theres screwdrivers, spanners, rulers, chisels, hammers, all sorts. Quantity wise… they fill a 2 drawer metal filing cabinet.

Sixth - some air compressor bits, in particular I have a pull down retractable air line I bought in anticipation of getting a compressor, then never did. Could help keep the air hose out the way.

Seventh - mobile dust extractor / wet and dry vac with auto take off. An Aldi special buy, but I haven’t used it since I bought the Festool dust extractor 3 months later, so it’s practically new in condition.

Thats the big stuff I can think of off the top of my head. I also have a decent amount of furniture - an old board table (8 x 4’) that makes a great assembly bench, lots of storage stuff (I’m a kitchen fitter by day, so I have, and always come across more, kitchen cupboards, drawers, wall units etc) as well as things like metal filing cabinets, drawers, trolleys on wheels, think of it and I probably have it.

There is also a myriad of small bits and pieces lying around that I’ve never even managed to sort through, I’ll have a dig and photography anything that could be of interest next time I’m over there.

I can’t stress enough though - most of this stuff was free to me, and is currently sat in my old unit, unable to be used because I don’t have access to power, and it will likely be years before I have the space to make use of this stuff. Even for my day job, I tend to need portable equipment rather than bench equipment. So even though I’ve been a member for all of 4 days now, I’ll get more use out of this stuff if it’s at hacman, and I’d like to think I can really offer some good upgrades to the woodworking space.

I’ll add a reply in a sec from my phone with a pic of the table saw, and anything else I happen to have pictures of.


So, that’s the table saw. Assembly table under a sheet of MDF, forgot to mention a vice I never installed and the clamps when they were in use.