Online video series

Please find the below which came in on Twitter for anyone interested!


My name is Marlon - I work for the Casting Company Anna McAuley Casting and we are currently casting an online content series looking for Inventors/Engineers/Physics Experts/Scientists based in the UK. This is a paid project and would love to share more details with your Hackspace group. Would it be possible to post this ad on your twitter on circulate to your group in case any of your members are interested?

Social Media Post:
Looking for creative engineers/ inventors for online video series. The films are a series of challenges for renewable/sustainable power sources to be able to power everyday objects.

● We are looking for a confident, experienced Inventor who’s used to throwing themselves into off the cuff projects.

● Ideally have a science/physics background, need to have confidence explaining the science an experiment

● Ideally able to do a CAD design of their proposed build

Does this sound like you? Please email us on or fill out the following form…

Many thanks,
Marlon Martinez

Casting Researcher