Open Access Control for Hacker Spaces v1.0

I know we have an access control system in the pipes… would it be worth
someone who knows about it putting in there tuppence-worth on the
Hackerspaces Mailing list?

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From: “john arclight”
Date: 9 Apr 2010 20:58
Subject: [hackerspaces] Open Access Control for Hacker Spaces v1.0
To: “Hackerspaces General Discussion List”

Hi all,

We’ve got a preliminary hardware design together finally, along with
the code. Check out the schematic and download links for everything

This system uses the Arduino Duemilanova board and so far has been
breadboard tested to support:

-DS1307 Real-time clock with battery backup
-(2) Wiegand26 reader inputs (optoisolated)
-(4) Alarm zone monitor ports using Analog0…3 (optoisolated)
-(4) Relay outputs, rated to 10A/220VAC
-Spare pins 10…13 to enable Ethernet shield use
-Built in 12V unregulated, 5V regulated, 12V regulated supplies for
alarm sensors, door hardware
-Built in UPS (smart charger in next design)
-Separate fuse protection for everything

So this will basically allow 2 separate Wiegand26 door readers, 4
independent relay outputs for unlocking doors or alarm sirens, 4
inputs for alarm/other sensors, easy upgrade to Ethernet logging.
(It’s currently doing Syslog format via USB serial.) It has a built-in
UPS backup, much like a commercial alarm system and it allows multiple
power buses for motion detectors, fire sensors, etc that are separate
form the logic bus. I also put an EMF kick-back diode in for the door
hardware bus (unregulated 12V).
I would appreciate any feedback in terms of:

  1. What additional features would be nice?
  2. Any obvious design flaws.


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