Open Evenings (no longer!) Temporarily Suspended

:warning: Just a shoutout from the main chat that I’ve posted on Twitter:

:exclamation:Dearest nerds, makers and tinkerers - open evenings are paused until January while we see how this Omicron malarkey plays out.

Reminder - masks are required in the space for your protection and that of others, subject to human and tool exceptions.

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I’m new to the forum and looking to becoming a member of Hackspace. Me and my friend are both interested in joining up, but would love love love a little sneak around first! Have you started the open evenings up again? We are both makers of many things, I’m mainly textiles and screen printing and my friend is a sculptor. We want to have a go with some new equipment and where better to do it.
Many thanks,
Katie & Lotti

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Hey welcome! Sorry for not updating this thread - open evenings are on again now and you can come down every Wednesday from 6pm and have a look round! No need to book, just show up :slight_smile:

Hi! Thankyou! Sounds great we will see you next Weds :slight_smile:

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Hi again!

We will be coming along this week for deffo :slight_smile:

Do we just knock on?

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Katie and Lotti

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Yep! Just drop by! Our doors fave the street and are painted like a sunset. There’s a doorbell button, just give it a push and someone should come and show you around :slight_smile: