Open evenings rota

It was agreed at the members’ meeting on 11 Jan 2023 that we will be making some changes to open evenings starting from 01 Feb 2023:

  1. Visitors will be asked to book onto one of three tours (18:30, 19:30, 20:30)
  2. We will set up a rota for tour guides to ensure that we have enough staff to run the tours and encourage members to help out
    (3. We now have ‘cheat sheets’ to help guides when giving tours — already done)

I believe @Josephxtian is looking at setting up an eventbrite page for the tours (let me know if not Joe and I’ll look into that) but this is a thread to summarise changes.

A number of people put their hands up at the meeting as willing guides. These are: @mikeh, @ellis666, @peterdroberts, Nathan Blades, @Jackadsa, @rjackson, @AaronZ, @Luke, @conall, @tonygoacher, @JaneGW

Are there any other people who would be interested in giving open evening tours? I’ll draw up a rota at the end of the week.

I propose setting up a Telegram group for this group which will only be used to discuss open evenings, swap shifts, etc.

Please comment below if you’re not on the list above and would like to be involved. Giving a tour takes about 20 minutes and you’d have a cheat sheet to remind you of the main points. The rota would probably be set so you’d only be ‘on duty’ every few weeks. Open evenings are one of the main ways we attract new members (and remain financially stable) so your help is very valuable!

I mean if im not too busy i do show people around but not all the time. Should i not do that anymore ?

Hiya! Nathan Blades here. Still very much down to help with these - I should be able to do the 7:30 slot okay and can definitely to 8:30 slots.

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Your help is very much welcome! We’re just trying to organise it a bit better, because currently, there is no system to ensure that someone is in the space every Wednesday evening to show people round.

With the rota, volunteers would be assigned to a Wednesday evening (maybe every 4th or 5th Wednesday, depends on numbers), and they would be expected to do the tours on those nights.

Can I put you on the (not yet created) rota, @BlackLight?

Okay, I guess we will be selecting people depending of our availability isnt it? I might not be available all the time but if i am i can definitely help.

I’ll just do the first rota semi-randomly, and then people can swap shifts as required. That’s what I expect, anyway. I hope that the Telegram group will be used for that, e.g.:

“I can’t do my shift on 2 March, can anyone cover me?”

“Yeah I can swap with 16 March.”

Sorted. (in theory!)

Oh if its like rota based like that maybe i should not do it as i might not have persistant. I thought its like inductions. People require a time and day, someone available accept the session.

No, it’s always Wednesday evenings, and volunteers would probably be assigned to one Wednesday every few weeks. No worries if you can’t do it.

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Thanks for organising this Mike, I’ve made the Eventbrite events but can’t launch them atm as I’m on holiday until Sunday. I’m also happy to be an open evening tour guide.

I’d suggest we made a Google sheet much like the woody training sign up, as some folk may be happy to do multiple tours an evening, etc. This can be pinned in the telegram chat. Happy to make this when I’m back home.

Also, here’s the latest chit sheet for the tours. I’ll sort out the formatting, get them printed and laminated next week to replace the v1.0 versions by the entrance to the doors.

@BlackLight you’ll still be welcome to show people around at other times, this is mainly about making Wednesday nights easier for everyone. Ideally you’ll use the chit sheet above as a rough guide, this just helps us make sure all new members are having roughly the same introduction to how we run the space.

sounds good. I can certainly commit to once a month

I can commit but not until late February as I’ve already scheduled inductions first two wednesdays

I’m on the list but I’ll be leaving towards the end of Feb, so I can do one or two tours the first two weeks of Feb (1st, 8th), and then that’s it unfortunately.

Cheers Jack. Happy to put you down for one of those weeks if you can make it?

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Hi everyone. I forgot to cross-post on the forum, but we now have a rota and Telegram group set up for open evenings

If you’ve volunteered to help, your name is on the rota and you’ve been added to the group. Should in there if you’ve any questions.

Updated and final (for now) tour crib sheet here:
Hackspace Evening Tour Card.docx - Google Docs

These have been laminated and are in the orange holder by the front door, near the first aid kits.