Open source hardware camp

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for letting us know about your open source hardware camp and it
sounds great.
I think a few of the Hacman regulars are a bit tied up that weekend, but
I’m hoping I would be able to help.

I’m a member Hacman’s 3D PUG (3D Printer Users
Group)and I have built a couple of 3D printers, the first was a commercial
version of a REPRAP the second is an open source REPRAP Mendel so I have
experience from both sides of the fence and it would be great to share some
of my knowledge.

My background is in product design where I’ve gained 10years experience in
using a variety of 3D printing processes for rapid prototyping and in the
last couple of years I’ve been using 3D printing for “Additive
Manufacturing” and I’m very interested in how open source 3D printers will
change the way objects are created, made and distributed among the

I would love to talk about 3D printing and if you want I could bring a 3D
printer to demonstrate and maybe run a workshop on the Sunday.

I hope this is something you would be interested in,