Open source space projects

Posted to the LHS list, looks pretty awesome, any ideas we could do?

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From: Alex Cureton-Griffiths
Date: 4 March 2013 16:20
Subject: [london-hack-space] Open source space projects

Hi gang,

I was in the space a few weeks ago (and a couple of months before
that) and meant to get round to talking to y’all about some cool stuff
we’re doing. Things got away from me then, so I’m getting in touch now
and wonder if anyone wants to get involved.

Basically, my organisation got 500,000 USD from the US government to
fund hackerspaces building space-related projects (space as in the
inky black thing above your head, not space as in hackerSPACE). It’s
open to hackerspaces outside the US so I thought I’d reach out and see
if anyone wants to submit a kick-ass project to us.

We’re looking at 3 main focus areas:

  • Maker education (and general space education)
  • Small satellites (and other near-earth economy stuff)
  • Habitats (i.e. growing food, building shelter, dealing with waste,
    etc in space or on another planet)

Budget is up to 20,000 USD per project. More info is at . All projects have
to be open-source/hardware and connected with a hackerspace.

Being a Brit (amongst other things), I’d really love to have some cool
stuff to show the USA we can kick arse.

Also, do I remember hearing about a vacuum chamber at the space? Off
the top of my head that might be a cool project for testing things in
space conditions (at least a vacuum)

Alex C-G
UK Program Lead, SpaceGAMBIT

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