OUTSIDE SOURCE, Injection moulding machine.

This message was sent to me on Facebook from an outside source and I think it would be of interest to us. I hope people would have a look at this. Samuel is looking for guidence and also for possible trials of this machine, thank you in advance.

BunnyGirl. X

Hi HacMan,

Just wanted to make you aware of a new desktop injection moulding machine that we’ve prototyped - it’s just been launched on Kickstarter (check out the link below or search on Kickstarter) where it can be ordered for £300.

I’d be hugely grateful if you could let others in HacMan know about it, and would be keen to hear your thoughts about it.

All the best in your collective inventive pursuits!

Samuel Thompson

Affordable desktop injection moulding machine!
Following the success of our pilot model and feedback, this is the prototype of our new & improved desktop injection moulding machine!