PCR Temperature Controller Design Files

Evening HACMan Persons!

For those that are interested here are the schematics and PCB layout
for the Light Bulb PCR that I have been developing for DIYBIO. If
anyone can spot a daft mistake or can provide some constructive
criticism email me. I am looking to get a quote from Spirit PCB to
get some boards made. I don’t think we will manage these thin traces
with toner transfer and the etch tank. I might try it though!!! UV
might work…

On another note: Does anyone know how to generate a bill of materials
from Eagle??



PCR Thermocycler Schematic.pdf (103 KB)

PCR Thermocycler Top Layer.pdf (27.4 KB)

PCR Thermocycler bottom Layer.pdf (63.8 KB)

PCR Thermocycler component placement.pdf (32.9 KB)