Permission - Painting / Fixup of entrance

Hi All,
This is something me and my dad were working on before covid hit
Basically we were trying to cover up the exposed brickwork in the entrance and paint the ceiling.
(we initially tried cement but it didn’t work since the holes were too big)

We managed to get as far as cleaning up the shit from the green floor and fastening a bit of wood on the left side, but the right side also needs a bit of wood properly fastening in
We put a bit of osb to one side which is still where we left it so we’d like to cut that to size then fasten it up to cover up the brickwork (to replace the bit already there)

Also we’ve got some plastic strip to put the cables into to tidy them up / stop them being pulled out

And we’ve got some white paint left over from when we painted the cnc room so the other thing is to paint the ceiling white in the same way.

It’s my understanding that because of covid any construction work needs approval, so that’s why I’m posting here to get some feedback if this is ok before we do anything.

Many Thanks

Thanks Richard

I dont think theres going to be any issues with us doing that area up (let me run it through the board chat just in case) however we do need to look at how we do it in a covid secure way eg its by the entrance so how are you planning on safely working whilst keeping a distance between yourself and someone entering or leaving the space?

Usually it’s a Monday night time when we do a bit of infrastructure work so I suspect there won’t be that many people around at the time
That being said I want to follow whatever rules need to be followed. As far as covid secure way is concerned, any suggestions are welcome.

We have some black face masks (like you see people wearing in the shops) and we’ve got some of the P3 style dust masks, although they don’t filter anything on exhaling just inhaling.