Pirate Party UK Conference

I’m not affiliated with the party, but this may interest some members of these mailing lists.

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Stephen Ogden sent a message using the contact form at

I wasn’t sure if I should be using this contact form to 'advertise’
the upcoming Pirate Party UK conference, but it does say (up there)
that conference announcements are a valid reason to use this form. I
suspect this means Linux oriented conferences but I hope Pirate issues
are relevant/interesting to enough Linux users to justify this

The Pirate Party UK (a relatively young and serious political party)
is holding their first party conference in Glasgow on Sat 26th Feb.
Some information about this conference, and tickets, can be obtained
at: http://pirateconference.eventbrite.com/

If anyone would like further information about the conference they can
use the ‘contact event organiser’ link on that site, or visit the PPUK
forums at: http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/forum/

I would greatly appreciate if UK Lugmasters could forward this to
their Local UGs, and apologise if (1) this isn’t the sort of thing you
want to receive via this form and (2) if you all already know about
this event.

many thanks

– Stephen Ogden

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