Pledge Drive - Flooring

Many people have noticed that the space is dusty in part because of the uncovered concrete flooring - this allows dust to rise up, and can cause problems with crafts, electronics, and anything requiring a vaguely clean workspace.

So, Brittain has found some flooring at a reasonable price of £200 that should be able to cover a significant amount of the floor (not in the wood or metal workspaces, as it would likely be rapidly damaged), and has offered to collect it for us, if we can raise the £200.

It’s a grey lino designed for electronics and server areas, and has increased electrical conductivity. It comes in utilitarian grey. It’s a full 2mx32m roll.

So far, the pledges are:

Brittain Adams - £25
Bob - £25
Richard (garlicbread) - £25

Current Total - £75
Remaining - £125

For more information, check out the listing -

Could the floor just be painted? Should prevent dust, might be cheaper, and easier to put down.


I can put in £10

Floor paint would take a long time to paint down and then let it dry (with all the fumes associated with that), we’d have to have the area fairly clear and clean for that, and it’ll likely cost a similar amount, as well as likely flaking up in the future. This should be easier to put down, and harder wearing.

I suspect the surface area is approx 1200 square feet / 110 sq meters or maybe a bit less
based on some of the drawings we have already
we won’t be able to put it down in the welding area btw but that’s not a problem
if we don’t have enough then we could skip over the woody dusty area as well

The ebay listing has 200cm wide, but I think that’s incorrect it’s listed as 2m wide further down
(which seems more like the photo’s)
Assuming a single roll (for some reason there’s a 4 in brackets) 32m x 2 = 64sq meters
I think that should be enough for the common areas.

With paint we’d need to clear an area and shift everything out for a couple of days while it was drying. The problem is we’ve got no-where to put anything at the moment.

from a cost point of view for paint
2 pack with each covering 10sqm = 20sqm for £40
would give around 100sqm for 200 quid

Personally I’d like the idea of covering the common area in lino first because it’s easier to put down given our space limitations…
Then later on painting the woody dusty / metal area floor as part of a separate thing.

Many Thanks

Count me in for £25

10 for me

To do it justice would involve a bit of work.

However looking at the floor we would not need that much leveling compound which is an extra cost

, The way to see it is that this is £1700 worth of material and we would need to lay it carefully. However after that we would just have to live with scuffs and stuff, but it is 2.5mm of the same colour all the way through.

This is what it would look like if we just laid it in a simple way, Leaves 1.5m corridor and 1.5x2m left over. If we do not manage to get this I would still keep my £25 pledge for a paint pot.

I’ll also put in £25 :slight_smile:

I’ll put in £20.
If my calculation is correct: £35 remaining

I’ll put £20 in.

Should we aim to overshoot by the cost of 1-2 tubs of levelling compound?

My dad said we would throw a bit in
So another 15 quid to make it to the final amount

Is this happening then? I think we have enough for the flooring now and probably just need a bit more for the levelling compound.

Maybe order the levelling compound with the initial pledges until we get enough for the flooring?

Just for information I collected the material 200kg worth from nottingham and though it is in the building we are awaiting a lift repair or some very strong people to appear.

I think it is worth laying as per the drawing which does mean moving everything, but I am up for some participation in that. I will try and get some more to complete a different colour for the walkway.

It seems that we have the flooring in the space, just not laid out yet. Do we still need to order the leveling compound? Are pledges going to be collected? Are Marvel going to stop making those goddamn movies?