Pledge Drive: New hand held electric drills

Hi all.

We’ve not had any electric drills in a while now since the ryobi were stolen :frowning:

In the meantime, we’ve had a broken dewalt drill driver, with a charger and two batteries donated.

This pledge drive is for a set of dewalt screwdrivers that use the same battery as the donated ones:

This set includes a drill driver and an impact screwdriver, which is a better combination than 2 drills imo, as it allows you to drive screws deeply into wood without worrying about pilot holes and the like :smiley:

Total needed is £150, I’ll throw in £20 to start us off.


Can pledge £15

Those look like really nice tools :smiley: I’ll pledge £30

I’ll put in £20 towards those.

One of the first things we should do is to mark them as ours - that way if they go wandering we have a small chance of getting them back.

I will put £20 in

We’re currently at £110, just £40 to go :slight_smile:

I’ll throw £10 in
I would give more but I spent a load on the saw recently

I would like to see HAccess up and running on the inner door since I’ve seen the other unit owners leave the door open at least once (while I was standing right in the corridor, looking at the door)

Many Thanks

I’ll pledge another £20 and Greg has said he’ll pledge another £15 :slight_smile: let’s get these drills :smiley:

I have now bought the drill and impact driver set. If people could please pay me directly - Paypal, Monzo, cash, or contact me directly for other options (BACS etc)