Pledge Drive: Resin 3d printer Wash & Cure


We have some news the resin 3d printer has been ordered.
However for processing we will need to get the cure station. This is where a pledge drive comes in from our members.

So the one that will work with our printer is shown here

The pledge amount we are asking for is £86.

Ive agreed to put in £20 so the remaining amount left is £66

Do you still need a wash station ?

I acquired a 3D Systems printer with cure and wash systems last year. The wash system is far too big for my needs. It consists of a pair stainless tanks with drains and magnetic impellors.

If you’re as short of space as me you’re probably better off with an ultrasonic bath which is what I’m using, or if you’re using plant-based resin a washing up bowl is OK. But if you want to use a solvent bath and have it reasonably maintainable with a 2-pass (solvent, wash) process, I’d donate this. Transport from Bedford is your problem though :slight_smile:

I’m using the cure system, but if you want to build instead of buy it wouldn’t be hard to copy. A shop display turntable with a mirror, some aluminium sheeting, and some fairly innocuous CF bulbs.

I tried to convince the board but they were not sold on the whole open ultrasonic bath full of IPA and a hacked together UV curing station. Something about liability insurance and the fact that the board members are liable if someone decided to be an idiot with the tools.

We will not be short on space once the visual arts area cupboards and reorganisation is done.

Just mention we do have a new resin printer incoming in December


Can you tell me what printer has been ordered? when it is due to arrive?

Do you know if the space has a policy of leaving it un attended?


It is the Elegoo Mars Pro and its due to arrive between December 11 - December 16 2020

count me in for £20