Pledge Drive: Vacuum Degassing Pump + Chamber

Hey all!

During lockdown I’ve been playing a with resin casting, and silicone moulding. It’s pretty awesome, but I have terrible issues with bubbles!

The answer to this is a vacuum degassing chamber, I think this would be a pretty cool thing to have in the space as it opens up loads of casting and moulding processes. I’ve found the following on eBay for £90:

Hopefully it’ll slip through customs unnoticed :smile:

I pledge £20 towards it, £70 remaining


I was planning to given resin casting a try so would be willing to pledge £20 to get a vacuum pump for the space.
Also note that the ebay item you have identified has a make offer option so we could go in a cira 10% of an increment up until they accept using several accounts to get around the 3 offer rule.

Ill throw in £20

You might want to get some empty paint tins to sit inside the chamber, that the moulds can sit inside as well…
I had notorious problems with resins mixed on blade mixers foaming when vacuumed about 20 years ago when I was working on specialist resins for a multi resin component polymer manufacturer…
One of the difficulties was their reluctance to purchase a mixer that didn’t whip the resin, an alternative is to pour through a fine sieve, to break the bubbles, and down the side of a container, but then the sieve and container will require cleaning.