[PLEDGE] New Laser Tube

Hey All,

We’re looking at replacing the laser tube fairly shortly, as the one we have is on its last legs. The total cost of this will be £280.

If anyone would like to pledge towards helping buy this, the space will match your pledge 1:1 with laser cutter credit (as we did with the initial ) :slight_smile: So if you are planning on using the laser cutter, now is the time to pre-buy time and have a better laser :smiley:


I hereby pledge 20 UKP with an option on up to another 30 if people are crap about pledging more :slight_smile:

I’ll pledge 50GBP: I’m certainly going to use it in laser credit :slight_smile:

I’ll pledge 25.00GBP towards this.

how much is the conversion rate between money => laser time again?
(will definitely pledge, just trying to figure out how much)

£5 per hour I believe.


I will happily pledge 50 GBP


I’m in for £40

The new laser tube arrived on friday, and i fitted it today.

The cutting power and speed is now AWESOME!

3mm MDF at power 100 speed 12

​6mm plywood at power 100 speed 6

​3mm Acrylic at power 100 speed 15.

Please can people who pledged pay their pledges by bank transfer to the
space, or in person to a board member. Add your credit to the back of the
laser time book!


Can pledge £20 :slight_smile: