Pledge Run - Large Ultrasonic Cleaner

Hi All,
I’m thinking of doing a pledge run for a larger Ultrasonic Cleaner

  1. In built Heater (I’ve discovered that heat is very important for it to work)
  2. Ability to re-use the cleaning fluid (since putting cleaning fluid in the kettle is probably a bad idea)
  3. In built timer (it’s best to run them in 10 / 15min bursts with 5min rest in-between)
  4. Includes a drop in cage

I’m thinking of going for the 15L one which would be 300mm x 300mm x 150mm deep
which would come to around £124

I’ve found if you use stuff like this - with hot water then hit it with a brass brush afterwards, it looks like it’s been polished.
I’ll be away between the 13th to the 20th so if I order one it’ll have to be after then

Many Thanks

I’ll kick in 20 quid :slight_smile:

What stuff you thinking of cleaning?

I recently picked up a relatively cheap uc and frankly, it’s not wonderful. My use case is cleaning circuit boards, cleaning of flux residue etc.

Apparently there are very expensive ones using a sweeping frequency which works considerably better.

Mine is this one:
Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner-DK SONIC 6L 180W Sonic Cleaner with Heater Basket for Jewelry,Denture,Coins ,Metal Parts,Carburetor,Fuel Injector,Record,Circuit Board,Brass etc

My opinion might change when I get around to using the special solution that goes into the deionized water for pcbs but I somehow doubt it.

Mostly metal stuff (parts for a lathe I’m working on)
the one you linked is too small for me, I’m aiming for 15L ideally
we already have a small one at the moment (although it doesn’t have a heater or sweep or anything like that)

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Just had a reply from Matthew Nixon on telegram - £10 towards it

OK. £10