Possibility of setting up a forge

I’m a blacksmith looking to find a new place to do my work, I was wondering if there was any possibility I could bring in a forge, let it be used communally (after some training of course) and do my blacksmithing. I was thinking it could be in the new welding area that’s being built but I don’t really mind where it goes. I will bring in a forge and maybe some spare hammers and I will need to bring in some gas as fuel. I just want to make sure this will be possible (plus I will even help any way I can to make this possible) before I properly join up

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Hey welcome! This sounds like something we would need to start off with by checking our lease… One of the board members should have it… Maybe @rossy would know?

Then again I think @OliBenson had a look recently at our lease?

Thanks, how should I contact them?

They’re tagged on Cone’s post with the @'s so should pick up an automatic notification from the forum :relaxed:

I will just say though it sounds cool - and if done safely and responsibly which it sounds like it would be, then it could be great fun :smiley:

For background - we have on the membership system a tools page which log the state of who is trained on each tool.

We would need a training curriculum - essentially just a list of checkboxes which ensure that all training is standardised - and then for something like this tool, some kind of code lock for it. Code locks are only really put on the most dangerous tools, the code for each is unique and put on the membership system and is only visible to trainers and those who are trained.

Hope that helps give a bit of background. We are all really trying to up the training systems and processes to make things as safe as possible while getting new, often expensive tools in. The space is growing so it would be great if we can introduce more tools and people, lease permitting (we aren’t allowed to burn solid fuels I seem to recall)

How long does it normally take for them to reply? I wanna get this done asap so I can get to work

I’ve posted in the telegram chat, we are bound by a few restrictions regarding things like forges and hearths, so hopefully @rossy can pick up on the post I’ve made in Telegram and confirm.