Potential space - Just off Churchgate, central Stockport

Further to Bob’s post about spaces, Phil and I went to visit one
that’s just off Churchgate in the centre of Stcokport - at least, we
think it’s probably the one (The link was just a multimap link, we had
no address info).

It’s a pretty standard brick build industrial unit as you can see from
the pictures I’ve stuck here. Looks like it’s the upper floors
that are available.

There are also a couple of “lockup” style units that have roller
shutters in the front, which I’ve also pictured. There also seems to
be a small car parking space that we could use.

Any questions, give me a bell.


Thats the one! Looks good to me, especially at the price on the website!
Hopefully I’ll have the full details tonight when i get home, and if its
OK i can organize a viewing.

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