Pre-purchase shopping list for metal (small items)

We need a bunch of small things in metal, some of which I have just gone and bought:

Socket rails (£9.22, Amazon)
DTI holder for mill (£9.90, Chronos)

And we need:
Small drills (£19.99, UK Drills)
Metric tapping drills (suggest get 10x of each for M3, M4, M5 and M8. M6 and M10 are common sizes we already have, UK Drills)
Hammers (suggest £10 total from Paul’s tools for a large and small ball-peen)

Brings us up just above £50 (micro proposal), so we may as well fill this up to £150, which is the next threshold (small proposal).

What else do we want? I’ve heard letter/number punches, we need at least one new dead centre for the lathe. Get creative!

I got some hammers for £3, so I’ll write that off.

That means we can get the existing stuff for £50, I believe. So I’m gonna turn this into a microproposal for speed.