Proper FM Radio

Ok, so after my failed attempt to make my foxhole radio (see previous
post), the Langster kindly provided me with a childrens’ electronics kit.
So with that I built my AM radio (unfortunately battery powered).

So now I want to go one step further and build a FM Radio but solder the
parts on a board (of some kind). So I just wanted someone to check my
checklist of things to do and if someone could verify and advise that would
be great!

The radio I want to make is posted here: The diagram
is here:
I remember the Langster telling me that you pretty much had all the parts
for this apart from the Tl431 (Diode in the middle of the wiring diagram).
Is that correct? Also one a side note do you guys have a list of components
that are available in the workshop?

Next I need a breadboard, so I guess I should order one of those as I feel
I will be using it for other things.

Lastly I will need a final board to solder the parts to. Now I don’t know
much about these, so any advise on what to get for this setup would be