Pumpkin Carving Open Evening! πŸŽƒ

26th of October will be our spookiest open evening with pumpkins to carve and treats to eat!
Pumpkins and tools will be provided, just show up ready to scoop pumpkin guts!
(Pumpkin bowling has also, historically, been an option :eyes:)
Doors open at 6pm!


I will time my visit up to Manchester to coincide with this!


Though hopefully the Viking send off will go better to plan this time than last year :sweat_smile:


Sounds great, unfortunately i don’t think I can make it, but i’ve advertised it on our instagram and facebook story for us :slight_smile:

Big thanks to @Grayson for organising.

I think we all had an amazingly fun evening and the pumpkins were fantastic.

Incase Twitter goes down after the musk incident:

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