Purchase Proposal - Zettle Self Serve Till System

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

Zettle self serve till system links up to a tablet. This will allow people to pay for things by card. To be used for paying for tuck shop purchases, laser cutter time, materials used, and any other general stuff we set up on it.

Zettle will take 1.75% of any purchase and the minimum card spend will be £1 unfortunately. Members spending under this, say on 59p soda can either buy 2 things for instant use or mentally note that they can pick up another later.

For the full conversation, please see this thread:

Proposed Purchase:
Izettle reader - £34.80 - Card reader - secure payments | Zettle by PayPal (ex iZettle)

Tablet stand - £14.75 - Lockable Secure iPad Samsung Tablet Desk Mount Stand Counter Holder Wall Case | eBay

Zettle terminal charging Dock - £46.80 - Dock to Reader 2 | Zettle

Used tablet - going to buy something on ebay, budget £53 (to stay within small proposal amount) . I welcome suggestions for a good responsive tablet.

Proposed Installation:
This will be installed on the counter in snackspace. I’ve added it to the hack-the-space day agenda to tidy this area up, so it will probably be installed around then.

For the time being this will run alongside the other systems we have.

£149.35 plus ongoing 1.75% per transaction fee ongoing

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Small Proposal <£150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members.

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian
Frank Hall

Supporting Members:

  1. Harvey
  2. Mark D
  3. Connor R
  4. Aaron Z
  5. Reiss J
  6. Rob J
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Let’s go for it. We can start small and basic and see how it works. I think we will find use from it and it’ll represent value for money overall


Love it.

+1 Board member support

Thanks Joe for organising this.

+1 from me!

Happy to help with any admin in setting it up as well :slight_smile:

Cheers all, I’m on holiday atm but will sort this when I return next week.


Zettle and Dock have arrived. Just got to find time to find a tablet on ebay or something.

If anyone knows any good tablets that can be found second hand for <£55 then let me know.

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All bought. Should be here and ready to install for the hack the space day. The tablet is from CEX so has a 24 month warranty despite being second hand.


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