Purchased - 3D Printer Team Maintenance Supplies

Proposal Type:

Aaron Zidichouski - 3D Printer Team

Samuel and I noticed a few supplies missing from the Maintenance Tool drawers that we think are worth having on-hand to assist with keeping the printers in good working order, and reducing downtime on parts that fail often. The last few times we’ve sorted issues on the machines, we’ve needed these tools and have brought them from home.

Proposed Purchase:

Proposed Installation:
Aaron can purchase these, and ensure the wheels are installed, and tools are labeled and in maintenance drawers.
These tools will be colour coded YELLOW

Only ongoing cost will be replacing these as they are consumed or tools break.

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
Reduces risk of burns during nozzle replacement (nozzle wrench)

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:
x Joe Christian
x Dominique Carroll

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Aaron Zidichouski
  2. Samuel M.
  3. Jordan S.
  4. Edgar H.
  5. Harvinder A.


  • Added links to purchases
  • Added colour coding tape for the tools
  • Added Raspberry Pi and power adapter to replace damaged one on Derek (the printer)
  • Replaced Wera Allen Keys with less expensive substitute per @DominiqueTink
  • Removed Calipers → will get a set from another tool area per @DominiqueTink
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Heya Aaron,

Thanks for putting this together. Would you be able to add in the links for future reference if we ever need to buy any of this stuff again?

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No probs! Links are added now for future reference!

Thanks for that Aaron.

If you’re buying 3D printer specific stuff, it’d be good to label it as such. Bikespace did this by adding coloured tape to every tool.

Bikespace is now pink, it probably makes sense for woody to be green, and metalwork blue.

Looking at CPC, that gives you the following two colour choices:

If you could add it to the proposal.

Board +1


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I’m happy to +1 but can I add that we buy 2 raspberry pi power supplies? It seems the current adapters are undervolted.

so :
Official Raspberry Pi Zero UK Power Supply (5.1V 2.5A) | The Pi Hut (£9) for Derek
and Official UK Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (5.1V 3A) | The Pi Hut (£9) for Jeff + £2.99 shipping =

@Harvinder_Atwal Absolutetly!

£144.34 is the new total.
@SamuelM @JordanShepard @EdMcr @Josephxtian @DominiqueTink
Do all of your votes still stand with the addition of the Raspberry Pi’s? We would like these to host the printers on an Octopi server, and reduce the user error with using the SD cards, plus we can see the last gcodes run to help the maintenance team troubleshoot issues.

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Sounds reasonable to me, I’ve had some trouble with weak power supplies and raspberry pies.

My +1 stands yes

@Fnhalluk @AlanPatrickGood @DominiqueTink

Would one of you be able to review this proposal? We are just waiting on one more Board Member vote. Sorry for the forum bump, just don’t want it to get lost.

  • 1 Board member :ok_hand:

I’m just wondering if there is a particular reason for these Hex keys linked above, as I have been on the same website and found These hex keys which are £20 cheaper.

Also, I’m pretty sure there are a few Calipers knocking around the space (heading downstairs soon so I can confirm the total) - I’m sure one can be assigned to 3D Printers :grin:.

Thanks Dominique!

I will substitute the hex keys you’ve recommended (we just wanted some with a ball-end), and I think the team will gladly take a donated caliper set from another area. Much appreciated!

We’ve got all the support needed, and the final list of parts is made. I will go ahead and purchase these items. Thanks all!

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