Purchased! - Bikespace bits

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

The Bikespace is almost complete, however it is missing a few bits and bobs.

Proposed Purchase:
2 x headset spanners - £7.99

A load more neon pink fabric tape to mark all the Bikespace tools as Bikespaces
2 rolls - £5.49

Refillable grease gun

A very large 40mm adjustable spanner to go in the metal room so they never feel the need to borrow the headset tools.


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian
Dominique Tink

Supporting Members:

  1. Connor
  2. Mike


I endorse this message

+1. Get that wrench!! Its great to see the bike space flourish since you have been here Joe!

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Thanks all, purchased. The headset spanners were out of stock though, so i’ve messaged to see when they’ll be getting more in.


Hi Joe, can I offer my grease gun as an alternative? Link below to the one I bought. The only thing is mine doesn’t have the 0.6mm nozzle. Or order the one you’ve proposed and I’ll bring mine in :man_shrugging:

Cheers Frank, though this proposal went through and was all bought a month ago, so we have the grease pump now :slight_smile:

Only thing we don’t have is the headset spanners as they doubled in price.